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Product of the Month - Archive

March 2020

Columbia Lighting REVERIE
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Columbia Lighting REVERIE™

The Reverie™ Decorative Low Bay delivers an integrated solution for educational, automotive and retail spaces.

With extensive distribution options, multiple control capabilities and continuous illumination, RLB offers customizable options that fit perfectly in your low bay applications.

Available in 4' or 8', with optional row mounting available the Reverie™ offers a unified appearance in a wide range of low bay spaces. It provides an uninterrupted ribbon of light unlike fluorescent technology that creates shadowing on the lens when continuous row mounted.

Customizable and Versatile. That is the Reverie™ from Columbia Lighting.


February 2020

Kim PGL8
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Kim PGL8 (Parking Garage Luminaire)

Kim PGL8
Kim Lighting's rich legacy of leading edge innovation and performance continues with the new PGL8 edge-lit parking garage light. With a sleek form, drop lens and a broad offering of control solutions, Kim Lighting raises the bar again for parking garage illumination.

The PGL8 integrates the three band design element that is replicated on all of Kim Lighting luminaires to provide a complete and coordinated site offering.

The edge-lit drop lens PGL8 is available with four distributions to provide effective solutions for meeting the dynamics and challenges of parking garage applications including IES recommendations.

Broad offering of wireless control options available for perfectly tailored lighting and ability to meet stringent code requirements.


November 2019

Columbia Lighting VERSIFY
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Columbia Lighting VERSIFY™

Versify™ Architectural Edge-Lit balances clean, streamlined architectural elements with high performance, making it the perfect complement to a wide variety of applications.

Available in 4 sizes, 1x2, 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 the smooth, even illumination of the edge-lit lens produces a look of continuity across the face of the luminaire that is low in glare and pleasant to look at. With a robust 2" shallow housing made of extruded aluminum sides and cast aluminum endcaps, the Versify is a perfect solution for multiple applications particularly in areas with restricted plenum spaces.

Energy savings are easily achieved with VERSIFY's high lumen per watt performance and optional controls compatibility that integrates sensors into its design in a clean unobtrusive manner.

Controllable. Robust. Stylish. That is the VERSIFY™ from Columbia Lighting.


September 2019

Beacon Drive
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Beacon Drive

Drive Edge-Lit provides a balance of visual comfort and photometric performance in two sleek, low profile housing sizes. A wide range of lumen outputs and photometric distributions paired with a specially designed lens makes Drive Edge-Lit luminaires the ideal solution for parking garage and canopy applications.

Two Sizes
Drive Edge-Lit luminaires are available in 2 sizes. The compact SRT1 provides 2,500 - 6,000 lumens while the SRT2 offers an output range of 4,000 - 6,000 lumens.

Visual Comfort
A specially designed acrylic light guide provides a blended, non-pixelated distribution over the entire surface area of the lens for visual comfort and glare reduction.

Integrated Controls
A broad offering of control solutions are available ranging from standalone sensors, NX Distributed IntelligenceTM and wiSCAPETM wireless controls.

Optional uplight module provides 800 lumens of indirect illumination for improved visual quality while eliminating the cave effect.

Ease of Installation
A standard quick mounting bracket allows for quick and easy installation. The mounting plate can be installed ahead of the luminaire.


August 2019

Prescolite's LITEISTRY
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Prescolite's LITEISTRY

Creative solutions through the power of CONSISTENCY... CONSISTENCY in aperture appearance, CONSISTENCY through quiet ceiling design and CONSISTENCY in optical performance... that is LITEISTRY, the new unified family of LED downlights from Prescolite.

With a broad palette of lighting solutions LITEISTRY is available in 3", 4" and 6" aperture sizes both round and square shape, with up to 9000 lumens output, and a comprehensive offering of wall washes, adjustables and cylinders with different reflector finishes and colors, and control and dimming options.

LITEISTRY is changing how we light architectural spaces. Delivering truly quiet ceilings with greater range of lumen outputs, uniform beam patterns and cutoffs that eliminate glare, LITEISTRY is returning the focus to the architectural space - not the ceiling.

LITEISTRY is high quality architectural downlighting.


July 2019

Ratio Area and Flood
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Ratio Area & Flood

Hubbell Outdoor Lighting's new Ratio family is available in two sizes for area and five sizes for flood as well as a variety of outputs allowing you to customize your lighting design to meet application requirements. With a new spin on a classic rectilinear form, Ratio brings a traditional luminaire aesthetic into the next generation of LED lighting.

Ratio features a dense optical array which provides reduced pixelation and increased visual comfort without compromising performance. Conceptually, Ratio is designed for sustained, long-term performance with advanced thermal management using a simple yet elegant heat sink and industry leading surge protection.


April 2019

KFL Architectural Floodlight
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KFL Architectural Floodlight

Take a moment to explore the possibility of high performance white or RGB illumination with the new decorative round back KFL series floodlight from Kim Lighting. Available in 3 housing sizes, KFL is top of the class with the following traits for worry-free performance in demanding outdoor applications.

  • Three band design separates the optical system from the electrical components
  • Best in class surge protection
  • Fade and abrasion resistant polyester powder coating
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Large portfolio of mounting accessories
  • Free Bluetooth app for on-site colour changing without DMX controller
Available in the following configurations:
  • 3000K/4000K/5000K in 70 & 80 CRI
  • RGBW (5700K)
  • RGBWW (warm white, 2700K)

KFL Collection | KFL Brochure

March 2019

Litecontrol's VORA™50L
[ click image to view a larger size ]

Litecontrol's VORA™50L

Created with the future in mind by pushing the boundaries of the current landscape of recessed products the VORATM 50L features the newest generation of LED edge-lit technology. Two laser etched acrylic panels emit a perfectly uniform diffused surface while utilizing our patented center mixing chamber to disperse excess light. Extruded and cast aluminum components complete a quality construction that is unmatched. The result is one of the thinnest architectural troffers with a unique take on the traditional aesthetic.

5 sizes, 4 visuals, 3 finishes, 2" deep housing, #1 in visual comfort... that defines the VORATM 50L

Vora 50L Product Page | Vora 50L Brochure | Vora 50L Spec Sheet

February 2019

AAL Cypher
[ click image to view a larger size ]

AAL Cypher

Whether lighting a path, accenting a colonnade or grazing a wall., Cypher allows designers to mix and match optics for best-in-class aesthetics & performance. With IESm wall grazer, spot/column and pencil beam distributions, Cypher is the ultimate wall sconce luminaire.

  • Available in two housing sizes, CY1 & CY2
  • Up, down & side lighting optics for up to 360o of illumination
  • RGBW or Static white luminous accent options
  • Multiple fascia panels, finishes and distribution options
  • Integral battery backup, photocell, motion sensing & SiteSync wireless control options.
  • 10kA surge protection standard
  • Available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K nominal CCT
  • Five year limited warranty
  • 0-10V dimming
  • IP66

CY1 specification page | CY2 specification page | Brochure

October 2018

[ click image to view a larger size ]


Lumasquare luminaires provide a seamless blend of performance, visual comfort, controls and accessory options in an elegant/low profile form factor to enhance the environment in which they occupy.

  • Available in two sizes and four outputs up to 9,000 lumens
  • A specially designed acrylic lens provides ultimate glare control which "softens" the light for no pixilation and unprecedented visual comfort
  • Seamless retrofit solution for traditional HID sources up to 250W (LSQ effectively covers unsightly existing HID installation footprints)
  • Wireless control, motion sensor, photocontrol and emergency battery back-up capability
  • Simple four step installation
  • Wireless control, motion sensor, photocontrol and emergency battery back-up capability
  • Polycarbonate vandal shield available
  • 10kA surge protection standard
  • Available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K nominal CCT
  • DLC® (DesignLights Consortium) Qualified - see
  • Five year limited warranty

Lumasquare specification page

Intercept brochure

September 2018

AAL Pursuit - Outdoor Linear
[ click image to view a larger size ]

AAL Pursuit - Outdoor Linear

IP 65 rated, low profile linear form factor seamlessly blends with the architecture - day or night. Individual housing lengths can be connected with external lens for seamless and continuous runs up to 150'.

Three low profile housing options

  • Direct (down light)
  • Indirect (up light)
  • Bidirectional (up & down light)

Multiple mounting methods. Control accessories including occupancy, wireless & distributed intelligence. Assorted light levels outputs & distributions. Optional illuminated row connectors for 'L', 'T' or 'X' alignment. Seamless continuous runs up to 150 ft. 2.55" aperture size. Up to 128 LPW

Pursuit home page
Pursuit brochure

August 2018

Peloton High Performance High Bay
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Peloton High Performance High Bay

Introducing the Peloton™ ... our next generation High Performance LED High Bays.

With extensive lumen packages, best-in-class efficacy, and long-life for low total cost of ownership and integrated NX Distributed Intelligence™ lighting control options, the Peloton™ is your perfect choice for lighting up warehouses, gymnasiums, manufacturing and other light industrial applications

Suitable for mounting heights from 10' to 60', the Peloton™ can be scaled in size and lumen output for use throughout the facility. The optional uplight feature is ideal for normalizing working environments or commercial spaces that benefit from ambient light.

With a choice of two lenses and two distributions, the Peloton™ when emergency equipped is also certified to UL924 providing best-in-class emergency solutions.

Peloton Product Page
Peloton Brochure
Peloton Spec Sheet

June / July 2018

Intercept LED Sports Light
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Intercept LED Sports Light

Intercept LED Sports Light

Let Hubbell light your path to victory by providing a system that outperforms anything you have experienced in the past. A system that disappears before your eyes but highlights everything you want and need to see. A system that operates effortlessly and efficiently to elevate your game and experience.

Intercept is a superior high output, high efficiency LED floodlight with a variety of flood distributions for lighting applications such as general and security lighting for large areas, port and rail centers, airport apron and interior or exterior sports.

  • The Intercept low glare shields provide industry leading glare reduction with minimal effect on light output
  • Delivered lumens up to 90,000
  • Scalable LED modules allow for an optimized configuration for various lumen output targets
  • Flexible control solutions allow for individual fixture control for your desired functionality; anywhere from on/off control to a wireless fully scheduled system
  • Up to 25°C ambient temperature rating
  • Dynamic thermal management design that maximizes heat dissipation, substantially increasing life of the luminaire
  • Built in surge suppression adds an additional layer of protection for the luminaire's driver

Intercept specification page
Intercept brochure 1
Intercept brochure 2

May 2018

Litecontrol's MOD™x
[ click image to view a larger size ]

Litecontrol's MO™x

From developing the original architectural slots that delivered a cost-sensitive, full-family solution to ambient lighting more than 3 decades ago, Litecontrol offers the MOD™x that represents a modernization of this timeless form based on the original value proposition with best-in-class attention to detail.

With Variable Intensity Technology that provides verifiable wattage for compliance with programs and energy codes, and 2-step MacAdam Ellipse Colour Consistency, the MOD™x family is available pendant, surface, wall or recessed mount is 2", 3", 4" or 6" width.

Also available with NX Distributed Intelligence™ wired and wireless controls, and SpectraSync™ Color Tuning Technology, MOD™x is DLC Qualified and comes with Hubbell's standard 5 year warranty to give you complete peace of mind.

Product Brochure
MOD™x 2L Sell Sheet

April 2018

Kim Wall Director 2.0
[ click image to view a larger size ]

Kim Wall Director 2.0

The next generation Wall Director is the evolution of the Kim Classic. The timeless design has been refined to a smaller profile luminaire while being true to the simple flowing lines and architectural shape of the original.

A low profile and sleek new housing gives the Wall Director a fresh look that draws from the classic form of its predecessor. Available in two sizes with two mounting configurations it is the perfect wall luminaire for any application.

The Wall Director offers a wide variety of distinct distribution patterns to illuminate ground surfaces and architectural features providing dramatic lighting effects or general perimeter illumination. With outputs ranging from 3,000 to 17,000 Lumens, the Wall Director offers just the right amount of light for your project needs.

Controls in a wall mounted applications save energy, extend luminaire life and allow customizable solutions that vary light levels based on area utilization. The Wall Director offers the latest in controls technology with programmable occupancy sensors, profile dimming capabilities and wireless controls

Engineering Excellence
The Wall Director is designed to the highest standards of excellence and quality with attention to the finest detail.

  • Field-adjustable tilt feature built into the luminaire. The aiming can be fine-tuned by tightening or loosening the set screw allowing -5 to +10 degrees of tilt.
  • Full cut off optical performance in the down position.
  • Luminaire can be field installed in an up or down mount orientation.
  • IP66 rated optical compartment
  • 0-10V dimming
  • -40 to 40°C
  • 120V - 480V

Visual Comfort
Wall Director offers world-class photometric performance and uniformity with diffuse and clear lens options. The diffuse lens offers exceptional performance and a higher degree of comfort. The clear lens offers superior performance providing the extra punch required for large scale architectural applications and general illumination.

WD2S specification page:
WD2M specification page:

March 2018

Columbia Lighting's CFP - Edge-lit Flat Panel
[ click image to view a larger size ]

Columbia Lighting's CFP - Edge-lit Flat Panel

Columbia Lighting's CFP offers edge-lit LED technology in a sleek, modern, flat panel design. With its unique 1-1/8" frame the CFP is an attractive, cost-effective and reliable choice to light classrooms, offices, medical facilities, and general public spaces using edge-to-edge illumination, without pixelation or bright spots.

Available in 1'x4', 2'x2' and 2'x4' sizes, the CFP comes in a choice of 3500K or 4000K CCT. Universal voltage (120-277V), 0-10V dimming, 80+ CRI, IC rated and L70 life of 60,000 hours are standard.

The CFP is backed by Hubbell's standard 5 year warranty to give you complete peace of mind, and many configurations are DLC Qualified with some DLC Premium Qualified for maximum rebates.

January 2018

Kim Pavilion
[ click image to view a larger size ]

Kim Pavilion

Pavilion redefines the bollard category with state of the art design, performance, and technology. An integral NEMA 3R enclosure, 2-Gang recessed box, and Bluetooth RGBW accent are just a few of the industry first features of Pavilion.

Every site is unique and the lighting should echo the design intent of the architect or lighting designer. Pavilion can be configured with traditional elements or optimized LED optics to achieve the desired environmental illumination.

  • 28 configurable optic and top cap combinations. 168 combinations of optic, top cap and body
  • U0, True IES, or diffused symmetric or asymmetric distributions
  • Optional Bluetooth enabled RGBW color luminous accent
  • SiteSync wireless control and motion sensor options
  • Integral Power Station functionality enables optional electrical and USB charging, speaker integration or even a disabled persons actuator button (power station internal electrical device is field installed and supplied by others)
  • 40 degree rotation adjustability

Spec page:


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